Meet Charlie, our Head Falconer who, joined by Luke and the rest of his team bring a breathtaking, contemporary, falconry experience to the park.


These exciting displays include guest interaction with the birds, with owls and Harris hawks flying right over audiences’ heads! Take your seats at the outdoor arena and enjoy an exhilarating display as the knowledgeable team provide a wealth of insight into the birds and their habits. 

Between displays, Charlie and his team are on-hand to provide meet and greet opportunities. If you want to learn more about the majestic birds of prey, stop by and have a chat!

Here at Robin Hill, we have a team of fantastic display birds, each with their own quirks and personalities. We look after a variety of species including falcons, hawks, eagles, and owls.

Find out more about some of the star birds you could meet during your visit below.

Falconry at Robin Hill, Isle of Wight

First up, meet Pip the barn owl. 

Born in 2016, Pip is very affectionate and would actively look to sit with you; preferably on your lap rather than your glove.

Barn owls’ survival depends on their amazing powers of super hearing and scientists say that in completely still conditions they can hear a mouse’s heartbeat from 3 meters away!

Pip is part of the dedicated display team here at Robin Hill and a big fan with our staff and guests alike.

This is Diesel, our Turkey Vulture.

Born in 2018 and recognised by his featherless red head (much like a turkey), Diesel can easily be spotted when he displays his long wingspan performing the heraldic pose. This particular pose in the wild not only warms the turkey vulture up, but it also burns off any parasites they may have.

With Diesel’s incredible sense of smell, he can trace a piece of meat up to the size of an average steak from over a mile away. And we bet you didn’t know that turkey vultures actually turn a deeper shade of red when they blush!

Time to meet Baldrick!

Our handsome Harris Hawk, Baldrick certainly is a crowd pleaser!

No matter where you are, Baldrick will always display to the best of his ability and Harris hawks are the 4th most intelligent bird of prey in the world.

The hunting style of these Harris hawks in teams makes it easier for them to catch large rodents that wouldn’t normally be caught by one hawk. They are also known for their incredible eyesight, of which is up to eight times stronger than that of humans. They don’t say ‘eyes like a hawk’ for nothing!

Here’s Fergus our Ferruginous Buzzard.

Originating from North America, these buzzards normally hunt on their own during the summer months, whereas throughout winter they are known to hunt in groups of 5-10.

Ferruginous buzzards have evolved their nest building methods over the years. Back when bison freely roamed the west, they would have used bison bones to make their nests!

Fergus is not the brightest bird of the bunch and tends to be a little dopey, but his lovable character makes him a firm favourite with the team and is definitely one of our standout birds!

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