Robin Hill and Blackgang Chine – Land of Imagination

  1. Your ticket is only for use at the park(s) denoted by the ticket and is not transferable to the other park unless you have purchased a joint park ticket and are strictly non-refundable. In the case of pre-purchased E-tickets, they can only be used during the park’s peak or off-peak period as selected by the purchaser at the point of sale. An additional charge will be incurred for use of off-peak tickets during peak periods. E-tickets are non-refundable.
  2. Please supply your e-ticket (if you have pre-purchased one) at point of admission so we may issue a valid 7 day return ticket if applicable. For all 7 days return tickets, a designated person will be required to print and sign the ticket where indicated, on behalf of all the people on the ticket.
  3. Tickets are not transferable. The same person must countersign/print their name on this ticket at the admission desk on subsequent visits to match the first visit box to gain admission.
  4. Proof of name & signature (bank card/driving licence etc) will be required to verify printed name and signature on subsequent visit box.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse re-admission without refund if adequate proof of name & signature is not obtained or is unsatisfactory.
  6. The ticket entitles you to a minimum of one visit only. Return visits are only offered with our compliments and for up to 7 days (up to & including the 7th day from the date of purchase) so long as the park is open and you satisfy the entry requirements above. Sorry, but we cannot offer alternative days or discounts if the park is nearing a closed period and less than 7 days remain. Returns are not valid on special event days or nights where separate admission charges apply. Events are included in your ticket where stated. We recommend visitors see our website for closed days/periods & separate special events in advance of their visit to save disappointment.
  7. An adult must accompany persons under 14, for events/openings after 18.00 this age is lifted to 16.
  8. Height & age restrictions apply to rides & ride times may vary. Robin Hill: A 1.10m minimum height applies to the Colossus & 4D cinema ride. Blackgang Chine: A 1.10m minimum height applies to the Cliff Hanger, Snakes & Ladders & 1.00m on the Water Slide. Rides may be scheduled to close for break periods during the afternoon/evening and may operate on an alternating basis when demand is low. See literature/website for full details.
  9. Some attractions are closed during wet/windy conditions. Please see notices/ ask the staff at our admission area for detailed, daily information.
  10. Programmed entertainment at both Blackgang Chine & Robin Hill (including falconry & owls shows) can be cancelled or postponed at short notice if conditions are unfavourable or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  11. Last entry to either park is 1 hr before closing time. We reserve the right to close early on very wet days after 3 pm if there are no customers present at the time. Please call ahead in wet weather.
  12. We hate to close rides & attractions for essential maintenance & refurbishment at short notice, but we reserve the right to do so. We will endeavour to let you know as soon as a closure occurs. 
  13. General park tickets will not be valid for a special event which falls outside of normal park offering i.e. AFTER DARK, Polar, or events where Vectis Ventures/Robin Hill is not the promoter.
  14. Well behaved dogs are welcome in our parks provided they are always kept on a lead and owners clean up after them. Some areas are not suitable for dogs i.e. cafes, and playgrounds where young children play. Owner discretion is appreciated.
  15. A separate fee is charged for Robin Hill’s Toboggan Run, which can only operate in fair weather and cannot, therefore, be included in the general admission ticket price in case we cannot offer it. The general admission price takes account of this. Under 3’s cannot ride the toboggan & 3 -7 year olds must ride with a full paying guardian over 14yrs old at the stated charges.
  16. Management reserve the right to refuse admission or remove visitors from the premises if circumstances dictate.
  17. Parking in any of our public car parks is at your own risk. The park’s management will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or accidents.

Robin Hill Event & Evening Openings – Additional Information

  1. Last admission 1 hour before stated closing time, even with a return ticket.
  2. During evening openings peripheral park areas & attractions will be closed from dusk. This will normally include ride attractions, Slides and falconry field. When dark, please keep to the lit areas of the park for your safety.
  3. The Toboggan Run will not operate in the dark and will shut before other rides due to light and track restrictions – last ride time for this attraction will be signposted at the attraction during these times.
  4. The ‘Big Red’ tractor train does not operate in the park after 5 pm on any day.
  5. The ‘Cows Express’ junior train ride, ‘Colossus’ swinging galleon and ‘4D Motion Cinema’ rides normally close at 16.30 when the park is open into the evening for the Electric Woods.
  6. On fresher evenings, warm clothing and sturdy footwear are advisable.
  7. Please do not touch any of the light fittings during your visit.
  8. On occasion, we may have cause to cancel or postpone special entertainments due to inclement weather or other circumstances outside of our control.
  9. Special Performances hosted in our Amphitheatre are subject to maximum capacity which is normally allocated by wristband and or on a first-come-first-served basis. Access to pushchairs is restricted and these cannot enter the Amphitheatre.
  10. Installations and entertainments may employ special effects such as strobe lighting and smoke machines. Please beware if you suffer from conditions such as photosensitive epilepsy.


  • All park and event tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless otherwise clearly stated.
  • At the point of purchase, the purchaser will choose a ‘peak’ or ‘off-peak’ tariff day. E-tickets can only be used during the specified period. An additional surcharge will be applied upon admission for any off-peak tickets being redeemed during a peak period.
  • Advanced tickets are only available to purchase online and can be purchased at any time ahead of visiting the park(s). These tickets are valid for entry on the same day as they were purchased.
  • Super advanced tickets MUST be purchased online at least 20 days in advance of the intended visit to the park(s). An additional surcharge will be applied upon admission should any super advanced ticket be redeemed in-park within 20 days of purchase.
  • Park entry tickets entitle you to a minimum of one visit only. Return visits are offered with our compliments and for up to 7 days (up to and including the 7thday) from the date of first entry; subject to standard opening times & entry requirements. Special event tickets may not include 7 day returns as standard – please check event-specific T&Cs for individual details.
  • An adult must accompany persons under 14 years’ age during entry to the park(s). This age is lifted to 16 years for evening openings from 6pm. Special events may have individual age restrictions – please check event-specific T&Cs for more details.
  • Park tickets are not restricted to be redeemed only on the date selected during the purchasing process. However, surcharges will be applied to any tickets being redeemed outside of the suggested visiting date, where required, based on the above T&Cs.